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Broad Valley Landscape with Rocks, Hercules Seghers
 Broad Valley Landscape with Rocks   mk156 c.1625 Oil on canvas transferred to panel 55x99cm
Landscape with City on a River, Hercules Seghers
 Landscape with City on a River   between 1627(1627) and 1629(1629) Medium oil on oak cyf
Mountain Landscape, Hercules Seghers
 Mountain Landscape   1620-30 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
Mountainous landscape, Hercules Seghers
 Mountainous landscape   Oil on panel 48 x 64 cm cjr
Mountainous landscape, Hercules Seghers
 Mountainous landscape   Medium Oil on panel Dimensions English: 48 x 64 cm cyf
Panoramic landscape, Hercules Seghers
 Panoramic landscape   circa 1625 (1615-1635) Medium oil on canvas mounted on panel Dimensions 29.3 x 45.7 cm (11.5 x 18 in) cjr
View of Brussels from the North-East, Hercules Seghers
 View of Brussels from the North-East   1625(1625) Medium oil on oak cyf
View of Brussels from the North-East, Hercules Seghers
 View of Brussels from the North-East   1625 Medium English: Oil on oak, 24,5 x 39 cm Dimensions English: 24,5 x 39 cm cyf
View of Rhenen, Hercules Seghers
 View of Rhenen   between 1625(1625) and 1630(1630) Medium oil on oak cyf

Hercules Seghers
1590-1638 Dutch Hercules Seghers Gallery Hercules Pieterszoon Seghers or Segers (c. 1589 ?C c. 1638) was a Dutch painter and printmaker of the Dutch Golden Age. Segers is in fact the more common form in contemporary documents, and was used by the painter himself (modern use is about equally divided between the two). He was "the most inspired, experimental and original landscapist" of his period and an even more innovative printmaker. He was probably best known to his contemporaries for his paintings of landscapes and still-life subjects; his paintings are also rare, with perhaps only fifteen surviving (one was destroyed in a fire in October 2007 ). The Stadholder, Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange bought landscapes in 1632. Many of his painted landscapes are fantastic mountainous compositions, whereas in his prints it is often the technical approach rather than the subject which is extreme. His painted landscapes tend to show a wide horizontal view, with emphasis on earth rather than sky; two in the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin had strips of sky added at the top later in the century to meet a changed taste. Apart from Coninxloo, Seghers drew from the Flemish landscape tradition, perhaps especially Joos de Momper and Roelandt Savery, but also the "fantastic and visionary aspects of Mannerist" landscape painting. A 1680 inventory of Jan van der Capelle, who owned five paintings by Seghers, describes one as view of Brussels, which if correct would presumably mean Seghers travelled there, probably when young, when his style shows most Flemish influence (in so far as the chronology of his work is clear).

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