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Die Dackelfamilie mit Jager und Magd, Gustav Eberlein
 Die Dackelfamilie mit Jager und Magd   Oil on canvas, 31.5 x 39 cm. cyf
Thorn Puller, Gustav Eberlein
 Thorn Puller   mk138 1880-86 Marble 156x57x78cm

Gustav Eberlein
1847Spickerschausen-1926 Berlin,German sculptor. He attended the Realschule in Hannoversch Menden until 1861. He was apprenticed to a goldsmith in 1861-4 and thus learnt embossing, carving, chasing and engraving. He subsequently travelled as a journeyman, finding employment in Hildesheim, then in Kassel with the court jeweller, Ruhl. From 1867 to 1870, Eberlein trained as a sculptor under August von Kreling (1819-76), director of the Kunstgewerbeschule in Nuremberg, also working as Kreling's assistant to support his studies. On receiving a grant from Elisabeth of Prussia (the widow of Frederick William IV) for three further years of study,

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