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A Family Group, Gonzales Coques
 A Family Group   mk170 circa 1664 Oil on canvas 64.2x85.5cm
Family Portrait, Gonzales Coques
 Family Portrait   65,5 x 89,5 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest The painting presumably shows Jacques van Eyck, the chief justice of Antwerp in the bosom of his family. They gather on the terrace of their palace. The painting is relatively small but is provided with some essential attributes of the representative Baroque portrait
Family Portrait, Gonzales Coques
 Family Portrait   1650s Oil on panel 89.5 cm (35.2 in). Height: 65.5 cm (25.8 in). cjr
Family Portrait, Gonzales Coques
 Family Portrait   Date 1650s Medium Oil on panel cyf
The Family of Jan Baptista Anthonie, Gonzales Coques
 The Family of Jan Baptista Anthonie   1661 (mk25)

Gonzales Coques
1615 - 1684 was a Flemish Baroque painter He was the son of Pieter Willemsen Coques, a respectable Flemish citizen, and not, as his name might imply, a Spaniard, was born in Antwerp. In 1626?C28 he entered the studio of Pieter Brueghel the Younger, and subsequently studied with David II Rijckaert.He is primarily known as a painter of small cabinet conversation pieces, a type of elegant informal group portrait that he is credited with inventing. The influence of Anthony van Dyck resulted in his nickname "Little van Dyck". After a period of travel, probably to England where Van Dyck was active, he entered Antwerp's Guild of St. Luke in 1640?C41. He was married twice, first to Ryckaert's daughter Catharina, and then to Catharina Rysheuvels. He was a member of two rhetorician guilds in the city, and twice he was made president of the painters' guild. This small portraits were in great demand with both the bourgeoisie and nobility.Patrons included Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange and John of Austria the Younger. One of his canvases in the gallery at the Hague represents a suite of rooms hung with pictures, in which the artist himself may be seen at a table with his wife and two children, surrounded by masterpieces composed and signed by several contemporaries. Partnership in painting was common amongst the small masters of the Antwerp school; and it has been truly said of Coques that he employed Jacob von Arthois for landscapes, Anton Ghering and Willem Schubart von Ehrenberg for architectural backgrounds, Hendrik Steenwijck the younger for interiors, and Pieter Gysels for still life and flowers; but the model upon which Coques formed himself was Van Dyck,

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