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Meeting of Gautier, Giuseppe Cades
 Meeting of Gautier   Date c. 1787 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 37 x 70 cm cyf
The Meeting of Gautier, Count of Antwerp, and his Daughter, Violante, Giuseppe Cades
 The Meeting of Gautier, Count of Antwerp, and his Daughter, Violante   c. 1787 Oil on canvas 37 x 70 cm cjr

Giuseppe Cades
(December 8, 1750 - December 8, 1799) was an Italian sculptor, painter, and engraver. Judgment of Solomon, Royal Academy of Arts, London.He was born in Rome. He studied under Mancini and Domenico Corvi, gaining a prize in 1765 with his picture of Tobias recovering his Sight. He visited Florence in 1766, and two years later executed an altar-piece for San Benedetto in Turin and in 1771 another for the Santi Apostoli. He also decorated the Palazzo Chigi with frescoes, landscapes, and scenes from Tasso. He has left two etchings, Christ blessing Little Children and The Death of Leonardo da Vinci. He died in Rome.

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