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All Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo 's Paintings
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At the well, Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
 At the well   1886(1886) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 32 X 25 cm cyf
Building of the Troyan Horse, Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
 Building of the Troyan Horse   Oil on canvas, 38.8 x 66.7 cm, 1760 cjr
Rebecca at the Well, Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
 Rebecca at the Well   late 18th century Oil on canvas
Rebecca at the Well, Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
 Rebecca at the Well   Date late 18th century Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions ? cm cyf
The Triumph of Flora, Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
 The Triumph of Flora   1560(1560) Medium oil on wood cyf

Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
(August 30, 1727 - March 3, 1804) was a Venetian painter and printmaker in etching. He was the son of artist Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and elder brother of Lorenzo Baldissera Tiepolo.. Domenico was born in Venice, studied under his father, and by the age of 13 was the chief assistant to him. He was one of the many assistants, including Lorenzo, that transferred the designs of his father (executed in the 'oil sketch' invented by the same). By the age of 20, he was producing his own work for commissioners. He assisted his father in Werzburg 1751-3, decorating the famous stairwell fresco, in Vicenza at the Villa Valmarana in 1757, and in Madrid at the palace of Charles III from 1762-70.

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