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Pieta of San Remigio, Giottino
 Pieta of San Remigio   mk156 c.1360-65 Tempera on panel 195x134cm
Piete of San Remigio, Giottino
 Piete of San Remigio   c. 1365 Tempera on wood, 195 x 134 cm

1325-1370 Italian Giottino Gallery was an early Italian painter from Florence. His real name was Maso di Stefano or Tommaso di Stefano. Giottino's father was himself a celebrated painter; his naturalism earned him the appellation "Scimia della Natura" (Ape of Nature). He instructed his son, who applied himself with greater predilection to studying the works of the great Giotto. Since he formed his style on Giotto's works, Maso became known as Giottino. The frescoes in the chapel of San Silvestro in the Florentine Basilica of Santa Croce are attributed to Giottino; these represent the miracles of Pope St Sylvester as narrated in the "Golden Legend". A large number of other works have been attributed to Giottino including Apparition of the Virgin to St Bernard and a marble statue erected on the Florentine campanile.

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