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All Giorgio Vasari 's Paintings
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Justice, Giorgio Vasari
 Justice   1542(1542) Medium oil on panel cyf
la pittura, Giorgio Vasari
 la pittura   1542 se
Perseus and Andromeda, Giorgio Vasari
 Perseus and Andromeda   mk176 1570-72 Oil on canvas
Perseus and Andromeda, Giorgio Vasari
 Perseus and Andromeda   between 1570(1570) and 1572(1572) Medium oil on slate cyf
Portrait of Alessandro de' Medici, Giorgio Vasari
 Portrait of Alessandro de' Medici   mk67 Oil on panel 61 13/16x44 7/8in Uffizi
Portrait of Lorenzo the Magnificent, Giorgio Vasari
 Portrait of Lorenzo the Magnificent   mk67 Oil on panel 35 7/16x28 3/8in Uffizi,Gallery
Portrat of Lorenzo de Medici, Giorgio Vasari
 Portrat of Lorenzo de Medici   mk137 1533 oils on linen 90x72cm Galleria deglI Uffizi, Florence
Recreation by our Gallery, Giorgio Vasari
 Recreation by our Gallery   mk79 About 1558
Sala di Clement VII, Giorgio Vasari
 Sala di Clement VII   mk83 Palazzo Vecchio Florence
Self-Portrait, Giorgio Vasari
 Self-Portrait   mk52 1566-8 Oil on wood 100.5x80cm Uffizi,Florence
Self-Portrait, Giorgio Vasari
 Self-Portrait   mk68 Oil on wood 39 1/2"x31 1/2" Florence,Uffizi, 1566-1568 Italy
Taking of Pisa, Giorgio Vasari
 Taking of Pisa   mk68 Fresco, Florence,Palazzo Vecchio, Salone del Cinquecento 1563-1565 Italy
The Annunciation, Giorgio Vasari
 The Annunciation   between 1564(1564) and 1567(1567) Medium oil on panel cyf
The Annunciation, Giorgio Vasari
 The Annunciation   between 1570(1570) and 1571(1571) Medium oil on poplar cyf
The Anunciacion, Giorgio Vasari
 The Anunciacion   mk166 Around the second half of the Century XVI Painting on wood 216x166cm
The Garden of Gethsemane, Giorgio Vasari
 The Garden of Gethsemane   Date ca. 1570(1570) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 143.5 x 127 cm (56.5 x 50 in) cjr
The Gastmabl of the Bl Gregor, Giorgio Vasari
 The Gastmabl of the Bl Gregor   mk186 around 1540 Bologna, Pinacoteca Nazionale
The Immaculate Conception, Giorgio Vasari
 The Immaculate Conception   mk67 Oil on panel 22 13/16x15 3/4in Uffizi,Gallery
The Immaculate one Concepcion, Giorgio Vasari
 The Immaculate one Concepcion   mk166 1541 I Wave on board of wood 58x40cm Uffizi, Florence
The Mutiliation of Uranus by Saturn, Giorgio Vasari
 The Mutiliation of Uranus by Saturn   ? TTD
The Nativity, Giorgio Vasari
 The Nativity   Date c. 1546(1546) Medium oil on canvas ttd
The Temptation of St.Jerome, Giorgio Vasari
 The Temptation of St.Jerome   mk67 Oil on panel 66 9/16x48 7/16in Pitti,Palatine Gallery.
Vulcan's Forge, Giorgio Vasari
 Vulcan's Forge   Date 1567-68 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 38 x 28 cm cjr
Vulcans Forge, Giorgio Vasari
 Vulcans Forge   1567-68 Medium Oil on canvas <-?->Oil on copper cyf

Giorgio Vasari
1511-74 Italian painter, architect, and writer. Though he was a prolific painter in the Mannerist style, he is more highly regarded as an architect (he designed the Uffizi Palace, now the Uffizi Gallery), but even his architecture is overshadowed by his writings. His Lives of the Most Eminent Architects, Painters, and Sculptors (1550) offers biographies of early to late Renaissance artists. His style is eminently readable and his material is well researched, though when facts were scarce he did not hesitate to fill in the gaps. In his view, Giotto had revived the art of true representation after its decline in the early Middle Ages, and succeeding artists had brought that art progressively closer to the perfection achieved by Michelangelo.

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