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All Gerard de Lairesse 's Paintings
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Aeneas beim Festmahl der Dido, Gerard de Lairesse
 Aeneas beim Festmahl der Dido   Aeneas beim Festmahl der Dido 1325 cyf
Allegory of the Freedom of Trade, Gerard de Lairesse
 Allegory of the Freedom of Trade   Date 1672 TTD
Antiochus and Stratonice, Gerard de Lairesse
 Antiochus and Stratonice   1671 - 1675 Medium oil on panel Dimensions 31 X 47 cm (12.2 X 18.5 in) cjr
Apollo and Aurora, Gerard de Lairesse
 Apollo and Aurora   1671(1671) Medium English: Oil on canvas Dimensions 204 x 193 cm (80.3 x 76 in) cyf
Cleopatras Banquet, Gerard de Lairesse
 Cleopatras Banquet   circa 1675-1680 (1655-1690) Medium oil on canvas cyf
Five Female Heads, Gerard de Lairesse
 Five Female Heads   Date 1670(1670) Medium etching (proof) Dimensions Height: 14.9 cm (5.9 in). Width: 10.5 cm (4.1 in). TTD
Gaius Maecenas supporting the arts, Gerard de Lairesse
 Gaius Maecenas supporting the arts   1660s Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 60 x 48 cm cyf
Granida and Daiphilo, Gerard de Lairesse
 Granida and Daiphilo   circa 1665(1665) - circa 1668(1668) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 122 x 147 cm (48 x 57.9 in) cjr
Hermes Ordering Calypso to Release Odysseus, Gerard de Lairesse
 Hermes Ordering Calypso to Release Odysseus   circa 1670(1670) Medium oil on canvas cyf
Odysseus und die Sirenen, Gerard de Lairesse
 Odysseus und die Sirenen   17th century Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 144.5 x 186.6 cm cyf
The Expulsion of Heliodorus From The Temple, Gerard de Lairesse
 The Expulsion of Heliodorus From The Temple   Date 1674(1674) Medium English: Oil on canvas Dimensions 204 x 193 cm (80.3 x 76 in) cjr
The Institution of the Eucharist, Gerard de Lairesse
 The Institution of the Eucharist   between 1664(1664) and 1665(1665) Medium oil on canvas cyf
Venus Presenting Weapons to Aeneas, Gerard de Lairesse
 Venus Presenting Weapons to Aeneas   2nd half of 17th century Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Height: 161.8 cm (63.7 in). Width: 165.8 cm (65.3 in). cyf
Venus schenkt wapens aan Aeneas, Gerard de Lairesse
 Venus schenkt wapens aan Aeneas   1668(1668) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 161.8 X 165.8 cm (63.7 X 65.3 in) cjr

Gerard de Lairesse
Gerard or Gerard de Lairesse (11 September 1640 or 1641 - June 1711) was a Dutch Golden Age painter and art theorist. Lairesse was born in Liege. His broad range of talent included music, poetry, and the theatre. He was perhaps the most celebrated Dutch painter in the period following the death of Rembrandt. His treatises on painting and drawing, Grondlegginge der teekenkonst (1701) and Groot Schilderboek (1707), were highly influential on 18th-Century painters like Jacob de Wit. Students of De Lairesse included the painter Jan van Mieris. He died in Amsterdam.

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