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A Boy Caching Fleas on His Dog, Gerard Ter Borch
 A Boy Caching Fleas on His Dog   mk68 c.1665
A fiandeira, Gerard Ter Borch
 A fiandeira   oil on panel Dimensions 31 X 28 cm cyf
A Glass of Lemonade, Gerard Ter Borch
 A Glass of Lemonade   mk159 1663-64 Oil on cnavas,transferred from panel 67x54cm
A Violinist, Gerard Ter Borch
 A Violinist   The Hermitage, St Petersburg
A Violinist, Gerard Ter Borch
 A Violinist   mk60 Oil on panel 11 1/2x9"
A Woman Playing a Theorbo to Two Men, Gerard Ter Borch
 A Woman Playing a Theorbo to Two Men   mk170 1667-1668 Oil on canvas 67.6x57.8cm
An Officer Making his Bow to a Lady, Gerard Ter Borch
 An Officer Making his Bow to a Lady   1662 Polesden Lacey, Surrey
Apfelschalerin, Gerard Ter Borch
 Apfelschalerin   Date 1660s Medium color on canvas mounted on wood Dimensions 36,3 x 30,7 cm cjr
Borch, Gerard Ter Borch
 Borch   by 1867(1867): Thomas Jefferson Bryan, New York cyf
Boy Catching Fleas on His Dog, Gerard Ter Borch
 Boy Catching Fleas on His Dog   mk68 Oil on canvas 13 3/4x10 1/2 Munich Alte Pinakothek c.1665 Netherlands
Charles-Maurice de talleyrand-perigord, Gerard Ter Borch
 Charles-Maurice de talleyrand-perigord   1790 se
Curiosity, Gerard Ter Borch
 Curiosity   1660 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Dancing Couple, Gerard Ter Borch
 Dancing Couple   mk156 166 Oil on canvas 76x68cm
man in black, c, Gerard Ter Borch
 man in black, c   1673 paris, louvre
Memorial Portrait of Moses ter Borch., Gerard Ter Borch
 Memorial Portrait of Moses ter Borch.   1667 - 1669 Oil on canvas 76.2 ?? 56.5 cm (30 ?? 22.2 in) cjr
mme barbier- walbonne, Gerard Ter Borch
 mme barbier- walbonne   1796. paris, louvre
Paternal Advice, Gerard Ter Borch
 Paternal Advice   1654-55 Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
portrait of alady, Gerard Ter Borch
 portrait of alady   1806 nancy, museum
Portrait of the Artist, Gerard Ter Borch
 Portrait of the Artist   mk52 c.1668-70 Oil on canvas 61x42.5cm Mauritshuis,The Hague
Recreation by our Gallery, Gerard Ter Borch
 Recreation by our Gallery   mk79 About 1650
Soldier Offering a Young Woman Coins, Gerard Ter Borch
 Soldier Offering a Young Woman Coins   1662-63 Musee du Louvre, Paris
The Dispatch, Gerard Ter Borch
 The Dispatch   1658-59 Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Galass of Lemonade, Gerard Ter Borch
 The Galass of Lemonade   mk60 Oil on canvas transferred 26x21"
The letter by Gerard ter Borch, Gerard Ter Borch
 The letter by Gerard ter Borch   The letter by Gerard ter Borch (c.1655) Oil on panel, 56 x 46,5 cm. Alte Pinakothek, Munich
The Letter_a, Gerard Ter Borch
 The Letter_a   1660 Detroit Institute of Arts
The Military Admirer (mk05), Gerard Ter Borch
 The Military Admirer (mk05)   Canvas 27 x 21 1/2''(68 x 55 cm)Collection of Louis XVI acquired in 1785
The Reading Lesson, Gerard Ter Borch
 The Reading Lesson   Musee du Louvre, Paris
The Reading Lesson (mk05), Gerard Ter Borch
 The Reading Lesson (mk05)   Wood 10 1/2 x 10''(27 x 25 cm)Bequest of Dr.Louis La Caze 1869
Woman Drinking with a Sleeping Soldier, Gerard Ter Borch
 Woman Drinking with a Sleeping Soldier   early 1660's
Woman peeling an apple, Gerard Ter Borch
 Woman peeling an apple   mk150 c.1661 Canvas on panel 36.3x30.7cm
Woman Peeling Apples, Gerard Ter Borch
 Woman Peeling Apples   1660 Art History Museum, Vienna

Gerard Ter Borch
1617-1681 Dutch Gerard Ter Borch Locations Gerard Ter Borch was born in Zwolle. His first teacher was his father, Gerard Ter Borch the Elder, who in his youth had spent some years in Rome and returned with drawings he had made as well as some he had collected in Italy. The son precociously revealed his gifts as a draftsman, as shown in his drawing of a man on horseback (1625). Ter Borch traveled widely. In 1634 he was in Haarlem, in 1635 in London, in 1640 probably in Rome. A visit to Spain is reflected in reminiscences of Diego Velazquez in the style and psychological penetration of Ter Borch s portraits. His famous portrait Helena van der Schalke as a Child (ca. 1644) calls to mind Velazquez s Infantas; the placement of the figure in palpable yet undefined space, without the indication of a floor line, is a masterful adoption of the Spanish masters invention. Between 1645 and 1648 Ter Borch was in Munster, Germany, where he went to seek portrait commissions during the meetings that ended the 80 years of war between the United Provinces and Spain. His small group portrait Swearing of the Oath of Ratification of the Treaty of Munster is a rare example in Dutch 17th-century painting of the recording of an actual historical event. It includes more than 50 recognizable portraits. The painter asked for this work the enormous price of 6, 000 guilders. Apparently no buyer was found, for the picture was in the hands of his widow after his death. From 1654 on Ter Borch lived mainly in Deventer, where he married, became a citizen, held honorary office, and died on Dec. 8, 1681. Ter Borch s early paintings were mainly scenes of military life, painted with great subtlety of color and values. Later he showed a predilection for small, dainty interior scenes, in which he revealed his delight in the sheen of satin and the grace of charming women. The elegance of his figures has tended to obscure the fact that in many cases they are shown as participants in situations of amatory commerce. The figures and costumes are painted with care and high finish that is not matched in the settings and backgrounds, which are often not well realized. The Music Lesson (ca. 1675) is a characteristic late example of Ter Borchs favorite subject matter. His most able pupil, Caspar Netscher, became a successful portraitist in the small-scale and fashionable tradition of his master.

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