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Dunes and sea, Georges Jansoone
 Dunes and sea   Dunes and sea" (1866), oil painting on panel (24 x 30 cm) by Th??odore Baron (1840-1899); private collection cyf
Gloomy front with lady in green, Georges Jansoone
 Gloomy front with lady in green   Gloomy front with lady in green" , oil painting on panel (44 x 49 cm) cyf
Gloomy fronts, Georges Jansoone
 Gloomy fronts   Gloomy fronts" , oil painting on canvas (53 x 56 cm)
Interior with sleeping cat, Georges Jansoone
 Interior with sleeping cat   Interior with sleeping cat" , oil painting on canvas by Leopold Haeck private collection cyf
Nature morte, Georges Jansoone
 Nature morte   Nature morte" , oil painting on canvas (50 x 60 cm) by Willem Battaille (1867-1933); private collection cyf
Plowing, Georges Jansoone
 Plowing   English: "Plowing", oil painting by Jan Leopold van Leemputten ; private collection cyf
Seascape with smack, Georges Jansoone
 Seascape with smack   "Seascape with smack" - oil painting on canvas by H.W. Mesdag (1831-1915) - private collection cyf
siesta of Monsignor, Georges Jansoone
 siesta of Monsignor   The siesta of Monsignor", oil painting on canvas (90 x 125 cm) by Edward Davies (1843-1912); English School; private collection cyf
Still life with apples, Georges Jansoone
 Still life with apples   "Still life with apples" (1893), oil painting on wood (32 x 45 cm) by Pierre Bourgogne (1838-1904); French School; private collection cyf
Still life with flowers, Georges Jansoone
 Still life with flowers   Still life with flowers", oil painting on canvas (70 x 60 cm) by Julien 't Felt (1874-1933); private collection cyf
Street view, Georges Jansoone
 Street view   Street view" , oil painting on canvas (55 x 53 cm) cyf
Sunset over the North Sea, Georges Jansoone
 Sunset over the North Sea   Sunset over the North Sea" , oil painting on panel (28 x 40 cm) cyf
The Gravensteen in Ghent, Georges Jansoone
 The Gravensteen in Ghent   English: "The Gravensteen in Ghent", oil painting on canvas (73 x 116 cm) by Gustave Dierkens (1878-1940); private collection cyf

Georges Jansoone
George Jamesone (or Jameson) (c. 1587-1644) was Scotland's first eminent portrait-painter. He was born in Aberdeen, where his father, Andrew Jamesone, was a stonemason. Jamesone attended the grammar school near his home on Schoolhill and is thought to have gone on to further education at Marischal College. Legend has it that Jamesone once studied under Rubens in Antwerp with Anthony van Dyck. However, this is yet to be proven as his name does not appear to be noted in the Guild registers of the town. However, considering that Rubens was exempt from registering pupils; this does not mean that the painter definitely did not study there. Jamesone certainly did complete an apprenticeship under the supervision of his uncle, John Anderson, who was a popular decorative painter in Edinburgh at the beginning of the seventeenth century. Jamesone finished this training in 1618. He is not recorded as being in Aberdeen again until 1620. If the Scotsman had gone to Antwerp, it would have had to have been between the years of 1618 to 1620.

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