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Esquisse peinte,la Musique ou Joueuse de lyre, Galland Pierre Victor
 Esquisse peinte,la Musique ou Joueuse de lyre   mk71 Toile H.1.15 L.1.15 Musee d'Art et d'Industrie Andre Diligent,,de Roubaix

Galland Pierre Victor
Geneve 1822-Paris 1892 He studied metalwork with his father Jacques Galland, an accomplished goldsmith, until age 16. He then entered the studio of Henri Labrouste to study architecture. After two years of training, Labrouste encouraged him to pursue his interest in decorative painting under the direction of Michel-Martin Drolling. In 1843 the decorative painter Pierre-Luc-Charles Ciceri (1782-1868) hired Galland to assist with the painting of figures, flowers, garlands and fruit. He worked again with Labrouste, in 1848, on the decoration of the national festival, the F?te de la Concorde.

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