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Cotapaxi, Frederick Edwin Church
 Cotapaxi   1857 Art Institute of Chicago
Dammerung in der Wildnis, Frederick Edwin Church
 Dammerung in der Wildnis   mk181 1860 Ol auf Leinwand 101.6x162.5cm
Details of Le caur des  Andes, Frederick Edwin Church
 Details of Le caur des Andes   mk75 1859 Huile sur toile 168.9x302.9cm
Details of Le caur des Andes, Frederick Edwin Church
 Details of Le caur des Andes   mk75 1859 Huile sur toile 168.9x302.9cm
Frederick Edwin Church, Frederick Edwin Church
 Frederick Edwin Church   nn07
Le caur des Andes, Frederick Edwin Church
 Le caur des Andes   mk75 1859 Huile sur toile 168.9x302.9cm
New England Scenery, Frederick Edwin Church
 New England Scenery   1851 Springfield Library and Museums
Niagara, Frederick Edwin Church
 Niagara   mk77 1857 Oil on canvas 42 1/4x990 1/2in
Niagara, Frederick Edwin Church
 Niagara   MK169 1857 oil Paint on cloth 108x230cm
Niagara Falls, Frederick Edwin Church
 Niagara Falls  
Niagara Falls, Frederick Edwin Church
 Niagara Falls   1857
niagara falls, Frederick Edwin Church
 niagara falls   mk247 1867 ,oil on canvas,102x91 in,260x231 cm,national gallery of scotland,edinburgh,uk
Otter Creek Mt. Desert, Frederick Edwin Church
 Otter Creek Mt. Desert   oil on canvas, by the American artist Frederic Edwin Church. 42.54 cm x 60.96 cm (16 3/4 in. x 24 in.) Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Date 1850(1850) cyf
Our Banner in the Sky, Frederick Edwin Church
 Our Banner in the Sky   1861(1861) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
Red, Frederick Edwin Church
 Red   Oil on canvas 7 1/2 x 12 in. Date 1861 cyf
Regenzeit in den Tropen, Frederick Edwin Church
 Regenzeit in den Tropen   mk181 1866 San Francisco
Secluded Landscape at Sunset, Frederick Edwin Church
 Secluded Landscape at Sunset   1860
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Frederick Edwin Church
 Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta  
South American landscape, Frederick Edwin Church
 South American landscape   1856(1856) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 59.5 X 92 cm (23.4 X 36.2 in) cyf
Sudamerikanische Landschaft, Frederick Edwin Church
 Sudamerikanische Landschaft   mk181 1856 Ol auf Leinwand 59.5x92cm
Sunset, Frederick Edwin Church
The Falls of Tequendama, Frederick Edwin Church
 The Falls of Tequendama   1854
The Heart of the Andes, Frederick Edwin Church
 The Heart of the Andes   1859 Oil on canvas, 169 x 303 cm
The Iceberg, Frederick Edwin Church
 The Iceberg  
To the Memory of Cole, Frederick Edwin Church
 To the Memory of Cole   mk218 1848 Oil on canvas 32x49in
Tropical Scenery, Frederick Edwin Church
 Tropical Scenery   Date ca. 1873(1873) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 97.3 X 152.2 cm (38.31 X 59.92 in) cyf
Twilight in the Wilderness (nn03), Frederick Edwin Church
 Twilight in the Wilderness (nn03)   1860 Oil on canvas,101.6 x 126.6 cm 40 x 49 7/8 in Cleveland Museum of Art Cleveland OH
View of Cotopaxi, Frederick Edwin Church
 View of Cotopaxi   oil on canvas, by the American artist Frederic Edwin Church. 62.2 cm x 92.7 cm (24 1/2 in. x 36 1/2 in.) Courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. Date 1857(1857) cyf

Frederick Edwin Church
1826-1900 Frederick Edwin Church Galleries Frederic Edwin Church (May 4, 1826 ?C April 7, 1900) was an American landscape painter born in Hartford, Connecticut. He was a central figure in the Hudson River School of American landscape painters. While committed to the natural sciences, he was "always concerned with including a spiritual dimension in his works". The family wealth came from Church's father, Joseph Church, a silversmith and watchmaker in Hartford, Connecticut.(Joseph subsequently also became an official and a director of The Aetna Life Insurance Company) Joseph, in turn, was the son of Samuel Church, who founded the first paper mill in Lee, Massachusetts in the Berkshires, and this allowed him(Frederic) to pursue his interest in art from a very early age. At eighteen years of age, Church became the pupil of Thomas Cole in Catskill, New York after Daniel Wadsworth, a family neighbor and founder of the Wadsworth Atheneum, introduced the two. In May 1848, Church was elected as the youngest Associate of the National Academy of Design and was promoted to Academician the following year. Soon after, he sold his first major work to Hartford's Wadsworth Atheneum. Church settled in New York where he taught his first pupil, William James Stillman. From the spring to autumn each year Church would travel, often by foot, sketching. He returned each winter to paint and to sell his work. Between 1853 and 1857, Church traveled in South America, financed by businessman Cyrus West Field, who wished to use Church's paintings to lure investors to his South American ventures. Church was inspired by the Prussian explorer Alexander von Humboldt's Cosmos and his exploration of the continent; Humboldt had challenged artists to portray the "physiognomy" of the Andes.

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