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Circus on Saska Kepa, Franciszek Kostrzewski
 Circus on Saska Kepa   oil on sheet metal Dimensions 50 x 79 cm (19.7 x 31.1 in) cyf
Fire of village, Franciszek Kostrzewski
 Fire of village   1862(1862) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
Fire of village., Franciszek Kostrzewski
 Fire of village.   Date 1862(1862) Medium Oil on canvas cjr
Hunting; illustration to IV tome, Franciszek Kostrzewski
 Hunting; illustration to IV tome   oil on canvas Dimensions 117.2 x 176 cm (46.1 x 69.3 in) 1886 cjr
Retreat from Moscow, Franciszek Kostrzewski
 Retreat from Moscow   1854(1854) Medium oil on canvas cyf

Franciszek Kostrzewski
(19 April 1826 in Warsaw - 30 September 1911 in Warsaw) was a Polish painter, illustrator and caricaturist. He was born in Warsaw, Congress Poland, Russian Empire. Among his works are paintings illustrating the epic poem Pan Tadeusz. He died in Warsaw.

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