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Bridge over a Stream in Assens on Funen, Dankvart Dreyer
 Bridge over a Stream in Assens on Funen   1842(1842) Oil on canvas
Dolmen on Brandso, Dankvart Dreyer
 Dolmen on Brandso   Date c. 1842 Medium Oil on canvas cjr
Vej over bakker, Dankvart Dreyer
 Vej over bakker   Around 1842 Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 28.3 x 40.7 cm cjr
View towards Assens, Dankvart Dreyer
 View towards Assens   c. 1835 Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 19 x 32.5 cm cjr

Dankvart Dreyer
(13 June 1816 - 4 November 1852) was a Danish landscape painter of the Copenhagen School of painters who was educated under the guidance of Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg. Around 1840, he was part of the emerging National Romantic landscape painting scene in Denmark but as a result of his over-dramatic and excessively natural style, he did not fit the aestetics and the ideology of the period. After being widely criticized, he turned his back on the artistic establishment and passed into near oblivion. In 1852, when only 36 years old, he died from typhus. Posthumously, half a century after his death, his reputation was restored, prompted by the art historian Karl Madsen, and today he is considered to be one of the leading Danish landscape painters of his day, the peer of his more famous contemporaries P.C. Skovgaard and Johan Lundbye.

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