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Daedalus and Icarus, Charles Lebrun
 Daedalus and Icarus   mk65 Oil on canvas 75x49"
equestrian portrait of louis xlv, Charles Lebrun
 equestrian portrait of louis xlv   mk247 c.1668,oil on canvas,129.5x73.5 in,329x187 cm,musee de la chartreuse,douai,france
Marquise de Roug with Her Sons Alexis and Adrien, Charles Lebrun
 Marquise de Roug with Her Sons Alexis and Adrien   1787(1787) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 123.4 x 155.9 cm (48.6 x 61.4 in) cyf
Portrait of Chancellor Seguier, Charles Lebrun
 Portrait of Chancellor Seguier   mk68 Oil on canvas 9'8"x11'6" Paris 1655-1657
Suicide of Cato the Younger, Charles Lebrun
 Suicide of Cato the Younger   1646(1646) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 108 x 147 cm (42.5 x 57.9 in) cyf
The adoracion of the shepherds, Charles Lebrun
 The adoracion of the shepherds   mk166 1690 I Wave on cloth 91x46cm Museum of the Louvre Paris
Weinie Mrs. Lebrun self-portrait, Charles Lebrun
 Weinie Mrs. Lebrun self-portrait   mk250 the year 1790. Oil painting on fabric 254 x 205.7 cm. Florence.

Charles Lebrun
French Pand art Theorist , Paris1619-190 Virtual dictator of the arts in France until the death of Colbert in 1683. He established his reputation by a series of decorative schemes, and his own greatest compositions, which immortalize the achievements of the crown, are at Versailles. He became a founder, rector, chancellor, and finally director of the Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture. He was also director of the Gobelins factory and Premier Peintre (1664). His Tent of Darius (1661), for Louis XIV, is a model of legibility, with the explicit and varied gesture and expression of the figures deriving from ideas expressed by Poussin. Lebrun's influential treatise,

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