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All Cesare da Sesto 's Paintings
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Holy Family with St Catherine, Cesare da Sesto
 Holy Family with St Catherine   Oil on wood, transferred to canvas, 89 x 71 cm The Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Leda and the Swan, Cesare da Sesto
 Leda and the Swan   1505-10 Oil on panel, 69,5 x 73,7 cm Wilton House, Salisbury This is a copy after the lost painting by Leonardo da Vinci
Madonna and Child, Cesare da Sesto
 Madonna and Child   Oil on panel
Madonna and Child with the Lamb of God, Cesare da Sesto
 Madonna and Child with the Lamb of God   Oil on panel
Salome, Cesare da Sesto
 Salome   mk170 1515-1520 OIl on poplar 135.3x80cm
Salome with the bead of Fohn the Baptist, Cesare da Sesto
 Salome with the bead of Fohn the Baptist   mk150 Laste work 13.5x79.6cm

Cesare da Sesto
Italian High Renaissance Painter, 1477-1523, He was an Italian painter of the Renaissance active in Milan and elsewhere in Italy. He was born in Sesto Calende, Lombardy. He is considered one of the Leonardeschi or artists influenced by Leonardo da Vinci, such as Bernardino Luini and Marco D'Oggione. He may have trained or worked with Baldassare Peruzzi in Rome in 1505. Of this period, a lunette in Sant'Onofrio and some paintings in Campagnano Romano are attributed to him. From 1514 he soujourned in Naples for six years. In 1515 he finished a monumental polyptych for the Abbey of Santissima Trinita at Cava de' Tirreni. Back in Milan, he executed a Baptism of Christ, in collaboration with Bernardino Bernazzano (now lost) and a Salome, acquired by Rudolf II and now at the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna.

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