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Cascade, Carlo Bonavia
 Cascade   Description Carlo Bonavia's oil painting, Carlo - Teverone Cascade, 1787.jpg English: Carlo Bonavia's oil painting Teverone Cascade, 1787, Honolulu Academy of Arts Date 1787
Castel dell'Ovo, Naples, Carlo Bonavia
 Castel dell'Ovo, Naples   Date 1788(1788) Medium Oil on canvas cjr
Castel dellOvo, Carlo Bonavia
 Castel dellOvo   1788(1788) Medium oil on canvas cyf
Eruption of the Vesuvius, Carlo Bonavia
 Eruption of the Vesuvius   oil on canvas painting by Carlo Bonavia, Museu de Évora, Portugal
Naples, Carlo Bonavia
 Naples   1788(1788) Medium Oil on canvas cyf

Carlo Bonavia
was an Italian painter known for idyllic landscape paintings, engravings and drawings. He was active from 1740 until his death in 1788. He is thought to be from Rome, but worked in Naples from about 1751 to 1788. He was trained in the Neapolitan landscape tradition of Salvator Rosa (1615-1673) and Leonardo Coccorante (1680-1750), but was much more strongly influenced by the work of Claude Joseph Vernet, who visited Naples in 1737 and 1746.

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