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Annunciation with St Emidius fg, CRIVELLI, Carlo
 Annunciation with St Emidius fg   1486 Oil on wood transferred to canvas, 207 x 146,5 cm National Gallery, London
Coronation of the Virgin dgfd, CRIVELLI, Carlo
 Coronation of the Virgin dgfd   1493 Panel, 225 x 255 cm Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan
Lamentation over the Dead Christ fdg, CRIVELLI, Carlo
 Lamentation over the Dead Christ fdg   1485 Tempera on panel Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Madonna and Child; St Francis of Assisi dfg, CRIVELLI, Carlo
 Madonna and Child; St Francis of Assisi dfg   1471-72 Wood, 183 x 59,5 cm (each) Mus??es Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
Pieta 124, CRIVELLI, Carlo
 Pieta 124   Oil on wood Pinacoteca, Vatican
St Jerome and St Augustine dsfg, CRIVELLI, Carlo
 St Jerome and St Augustine dsfg   c. 1490 Tempera on wood, 187 x 72 cm Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice
The Madonna of the Taper dfg, CRIVELLI, Carlo
 The Madonna of the Taper dfg   Panel, 218 x 75 cm Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan
Virgin and Child dfg, CRIVELLI, Carlo
 Virgin and Child dfg   1490s Tempera on panel Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Virgin and Child Enthroned around, CRIVELLI, Carlo
 Virgin and Child Enthroned around   1476 Panel, 106,5 x 55,3 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest Crivelli was one of the busiest painters in Venice during the second half of the fifteenth century and was responsible for many altarpieces in small churches in Veneto and in the Marches. Adapting himself to the conservative taste of his patrons, he painted in an archaic style based on Gothic tradition; his Madonnas are usually frontally posed and seen against a gold background of Bysantine splendor. There is but little movement and few details from nature, the composition being solemn and strictly linear. Only the pure and sure design of the faces and the lavishly applied festoons of flowers and fruits testify to Crivelli's being a master of the fifteenth century, a Renaissance artist with a style of his own. The "Virgin and Child Enthroned" was formerly the central panel of a polyptych in the church of San Domenico at Ascoli Piceno. The representaion of saints from the wings are in the National Gallery in London. *** Keywords: ************* Author: CRIVELLI, Carlo Title: Virgin and Child Enthroned, 1451-1500, Italian , painting , religious
Virgin and Child Enthroned sdf, CRIVELLI, Carlo
 Virgin and Child Enthroned sdf   around 1476 Panel, 106,5 x 55,3 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Italian Early Renaissance Painter, ca.1430-1495 He produced many large, multi-partite altarpieces in which his highly charged, emotional use of line, delight in detail, decoration and citric colours, often set against a gold ground, convey an intensity of expression unequalled elsewhere in Italy. His mastery of perspective was also used for dramatic impact. As he worked in isolation in the Marches, his style only had local influence. In the 19th century,

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