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Adam was born, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Adam was born   mk276 1511 years 280 x 570cm frescos Sistine Chapel Vatican
Battle Cassina, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Battle Cassina   mk276 1505 years of private possession of 78.7 x 129cm
Dawn, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Dawn   mk276 1520 marble sculpture years Medici Chapel in Florence
Doubting Thomas (nn03), CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Doubting Thomas (nn03)   1599 Oil on canvas 107 x 146 cm 42 1/4 x 57 1/2 in Stifung Schlosser und Garten Potsdam-Sanssouci,Potsdam
Eleazar, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Eleazar   1511-12 Fresco, 215 x 430 cm Cappella Sistina, Vatican "Eliud begat Eleazar. Eleazar begat Matthan. Matthan begat Joseph." (Matthew 1:15) Eleazar, father of Matthan is generally believed to be the young man on the right. His head is seen in profile, and he appears to be immersed in his thoughts. Behind him are visible the heads of a woman and a child. In the left part of the lunette, Matthan, in the background, seems to be turning with an expression of astonishment or apprehension toward his wife, who, seated and seen in profile, plays with the child Jacob, who frisks on her knee. This lunette was probably the first to be frescoed by Michelangelo. Artist: MICHELANGELO Buonarroti Painting Title: Eleazar - Matthan , 1501-1550 Painting Style: Italian , , religious
Figures in a Tree-lined Avenue, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Figures in a Tree-lined Avenue   1640s Oil on canvas
Fortune-telling woman, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Fortune-telling woman   mk255 for in the years 1595-1598. 0.99 x 1.31 meters canvas. Paris, the Louvre
Japan, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Japan   mk276 1520 marble sculpture years Medici Chapel in Florence
Michelangelo Caravaggio 068, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Michelangelo Caravaggio 068   Title Deutsch: Rosenkranzmadonna, Detail Year 1606-1607
Michelangelo Caravaggio 071, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Michelangelo Caravaggio 071   Year ca. 1606-1607 Technique Oil on poplar Dimensions 90.5 X 116 cm (35.63 X 45.67 in)
Our Lady of the mother, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Our Lady of the mother   mk255 for in the years 1605-1606. 3.69 x 2.45 meters canvas. Paris, the Louvre
Street Scene in Rome, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Street Scene in Rome   Oil on canvas, 58 x 69 cm
Street Scene in Rome - Oil on canvas, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 Street Scene in Rome - Oil on canvas   58 x 69 cm Private collection Author: CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo Title: Street Scene in Rome , 1601-1650 , Italian Form: painting , genre
The creation of Adam, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 The creation of Adam   mk250 Vatican City Sunday Sith extension of the top rock paintings, the year 1511-1512, the frescoes, about 569 x 279.4 cm.
The Linen Carder, CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
 The Linen Carder   mk67 Oil on slate 8 1/4x9 1/16in Pitti,Palatine Gallery

CERQUOZZI, Michelangelo
Italian Baroque Era Painter, ca.1602-1660 Italian painter. He was a painter of bambocciate (low-life subjects), battles, small religious and mythological works and still-lifes. He was born of Roman parents, baptized in the parish of S Lorenzo in Lucina and spent his entire life in his native city. A member of the Accademia di S Luca since 1634, Cerquozzi attended meetings of the society as late as 1652. His friends included Domenico Viola, Pietro da Cortona and Giacinto Brandi. More significant were his associations with foreign residents in Rome. According to Baldinucci, Cerquozzi had special affection for the Spanish, owing to the patronage he received from the major-domo of the Spanish Embassy as a youth, and would often don Spanish attire as a sign of his sentiment. His Spanish connections may partly account for the many commissions he later received from patrons identified with Rome's pro-Spanish political faction (Haskell). Cerquozzi enjoyed equally good rapport with northern European residents of Rome. He is documented as having quartered with artists from beyond the Alps, including Paulus Bor and Cornelis Bloemaert, for the bulk of his career.

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