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April Love, Arthur Hughes
 April Love   1855-56 Tate Gallery, London
April Love, Arthur Hughes
 April Love   1855-6 Oil on canvas 88.9 x 49.5cm (35 x 19 1/2 in) Tate Gallery London (mk63)
April Love, Arthur Hughes
 April Love   mk231 88.9x49.5cm 1856
Enid and Geraint, Arthur Hughes
 Enid and Geraint   mk221 1862 Oil on canvas 26x37.5cm
Gareth Helps Lyonors and Overthrows the Red Knight, Arthur Hughes
 Gareth Helps Lyonors and Overthrows the Red Knight  
Home from Sea, Arthur Hughes
 Home from Sea   1856-62 Oil on canvas 50.8 x 65.1 cm (20 x 25 5/8 in) Ashmolean Museum Oxford (mk63)
Ophelia, Arthur Hughes
 Ophelia   mk231 1852 Oil on canvas 68.6x123.8cm
Ophelia, Arthur Hughes
 Ophelia   Date ca. 1851 - 53 Medium oil on panel Dimensions 27 x 48 3-4 in cjr
Ophelia, Arthur Hughes
 Ophelia   Date c. 1863 - 64 Medium oil on canvas TTD
Sailing Signal Gun, Arthur Hughes
 Sailing Signal Gun   English: The Sailing Signal Gun Date 1880-81 cyf
Sweet Lavender (mk37), Arthur Hughes
 Sweet Lavender (mk37)   oil on panel 22 1/2x12 1/8in
The Long Engagement, Arthur Hughes
 The Long Engagement   1853-9 Oil on canvas 105.4 x 52.1 cm (41 1/2 x 20 1/2in) Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery (mk63)
The Quest of the Holy Grail, Arthur Hughes
 The Quest of the Holy Grail   mk178 1870 oils on linen 113x167.6cm
The Sailing Signal Gun, Arthur Hughes
 The Sailing Signal Gun   Date 1880-81 cyf

Arthur Hughes
1832-1915 British Arthur Hughes Gallery Hughes was born in London. His best-known paintings are April Love and The Long Engagement, both of which depict troubled couples contemplating the transience of love and beauty. They were inspired by John Everett Millais's earlier "couple" paintings but place far greater emphasis on the pathos of human inability to maintain the freshness of youthful feeling in comparison to the regenerative power of nature. Like Millais, Hughes also painted an Ophelia and illustrated Keats's poem The Eve of St. Agnes. Hughes's version of the latter is in the form of a secular triptych, a technique he repeated for scenes from Shakespeare's As You Like It. His works are noted for their magical, glowing colouring and delicate draughtsmanship. Hughes was in close contact with the writer George MacDonald and illustrated some of his books as well as producing numerous illustrations for Norman MacLeod's monthly magazine, Good Words. Hughes died in Kew Green, London, leaving about 700 known paintings and drawings, along with over 750 book illustrations.

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