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All Armand Guillaumin 's Paintings
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A Path in the Snow, Armand Guillaumin
 A Path in the Snow   mk235 1869 Oil on canvas
Barges in the Snow, Armand Guillaumin
 Barges in the Snow   mk235 1882 Oil on canvas
Flowers Faience Books, Armand Guillaumin
 Flowers Faience Books   1872 1' 1'' x 1' 6'' (32.5 x 46 cm) Gift of Paul Gachet,1954
Hollow in the snow, Armand Guillaumin
 Hollow in the snow   1869(1869) Oil on canvas 66 X 55 cm
Landscape in Normandy, Armand Guillaumin
 Landscape in Normandy   mk235 c.1887 Oil on canvas 60.5x100cm
Outskirts of Paris, Armand Guillaumin
 Outskirts of Paris   mk235 c.1890 Oil on canvas 74x93cm
Paysage de la Creuse, vue du Pont Charraud, Armand Guillaumin
 Paysage de la Creuse, vue du Pont Charraud   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 65.2 x 81.5 cm (25.7 x 32.1 in) cjr
Paysage de neige a Crozant, Armand Guillaumin
 Paysage de neige a Crozant   1895(1895) Medium oil on canvas cyf
Quai de la Gare, Armand Guillaumin
 Quai de la Gare   Impression of Snow;Quai de Bercy,Paris,ca.1873 1' 8'' x 2'(50.5 x 61.2 cm)Bequest of Antonin Personnaz,1937
Quai de la Gare,Snow, Armand Guillaumin
 Quai de la Gare,Snow   mk235 c.1875 Oil on canvas 50.5x61.2cm
Reclining Nude, Armand Guillaumin
 Reclining Nude   1' 7 1/4'' x 2' 1 1/2''(49 x 65 cm)Gift of Paul Gachet,1951
Self-Portrait (san36), Armand Guillaumin
 Self-Portrait (san36)   ca.1875 2' 4 3/4"x1' 11 1/2"(73x60cm) Gift of Paul and Marguerite Gachet
Setting Sun at Ivry, Armand Guillaumin
 Setting Sun at Ivry   ca . 1869- 1871 1' 1 1/2 '' x 2' 8''(65 x 81 cm)Gift of Paul Gachet,1951
Still life Flowers, Armand Guillaumin
 Still life Flowers   mk1872 Oil on canvas
The Fishermen, Armand Guillaumin
 The Fishermen   mk235 c.1885 Oil on canvas 81x66cm
The Seine in Winter, Armand Guillaumin
 The Seine in Winter   mk235 1879 Oil on canvas 14x25cm
View of Agay, Armand Guillaumin
 View of Agay   mk235 1895 Oil on canvas 73x92cm

Armand Guillaumin
French Impressionist Painter, 1841-1927 French painter and lithographer. He grew up in Moulins, but at 16 he returned to Paris to find work. Despite the opposition of his working-class family, he prepared for an artistic career while he supported himself in municipal jobs. He started drawing classes and then enrolled in the Academie Suisse, where he met Cezanne and Camille Pissarro. Guillaumin began his career as an avant-garde artist by exhibiting with them at the Salon des Refus's in 1863.

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