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Andre Gill Spoofed the Military appetite for absinthe in L-ECLIPSE, Andre Gill
 Andre Gill Spoofed the Military appetite for absinthe in L-ECLIPSE   mk145 Rimbaud,who admired Gill-s Work. Looked him up on his arrival in Paris in 1871 and mooched a few nights on his Sofa

Andre Gill
1840-1885,was a French caricaturist. Born Louis-Alexandre Gosset de Guines at Paris, the son of the Comte de Guines and Sylvie-Adeline Gosset, he studied at this city's Academy of Fine Arts. He adopted the pseudonym Andre Gill in homage to his hero, James Gillray. Gill began illustrating for Le Journal Amusant. Gill, however, became known for his work for the weekly four-sheet newspaper La Lune, edited by Francis Polo, in which he drew portraits for a series entitled The Man of the Day. He worked for La Lune from 1865 to 1868. When La Lune was banned, he worked for the periodical L'Eclipse from 1868 to 1876.

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