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A Bacchante, AUGUSTIN, Jacques-Jean-Baptiste
 A Bacchante   1799 Ivory, diameter: 8 cm Wallace Collection, London
Anaxagoras and Pericles, AUGUSTIN, Jacques-Jean-Baptiste
 Anaxagoras and Pericles   Technique Oil on canvas Dimensions 76 X 98 cm

AUGUSTIN, Jacques-Jean-Baptiste
French miniaturist (b. 1759, Saint-Di? d. 1832, Paris) 1832). French painter. After receiving instruction in art from Jean Girardet (1709-78) and Jean-Baptiste-Charles Claudot (1733-1805), he went to Paris in 1781, where he won recognition as a miniature painter. The miniatures he painted in the 1790s, for example his portrait of Mme Vanh?e, n?e Dewinck (1792; Paris, Louvre), are among his most animated works; often portraying figures in a landscape setting, they develop the exuberant style of Niclas Lafrensen and Peter Adolf Hall. He also admired the work of Jean-Baptiste Greuze, whose Bacchante (Waddesdon Manor, Bucks, NT) in his own collection he copied in miniature (London, Wallace) and in enamel (Paris, Louvre).

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