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Sand on the Quayside,Port Marly Blackoak In Fosset The Farmhouse Garden Woman-s Mission-Companion of Manhood At the Outpost -22- Merle, Hugues Madonna and Child_y Ponceinlet mat board Afternoon sunshine Elizabeth Gardner Bouguereau La Princesse de Bengale Swifttrailjunction marc-aurele de foy suzor-cote Liverpool Custom House Self-Portrait on the Borderline Between Novella di Nastogio degli Onesti -36- Andromache Mourning Hector Edward Bower St John Altarpiece dfh MASSYS, Cornelis Tulip Fields in Holland Young Woman at her Toilet Realistic Orange Rose Game Still Life Before a Landscape with Tod und Himmelfahrt Marias The Destruction of troy Homegarden Wooded landscape at L-Hermitage,Pontoise Prometheus Bound Hugh Lane Bequest Portrait of a Noblewoman with her Son The Promenade Master Hare Kendall MOREELSE, Paulus San Cassiano Altarpiece Disputation with Simon Magus Edward Henry Fahey,RI

Oil Painting ID::. 48958


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