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Signal Smoke Donalsonville The Nativity with Saints Francis and Law Linda Crucifix ioui Hoopeston Henry Clarence Whaite,RWS Jean-Laurent Mosnier I meeted My Dear Udnie In My Memory Farmers Planting Potatoes -nn04- St Marrin Dividing his Cloak -08- The Israelites Leaving Egypt Landscape in the Forest of Love An Exedra -23- Self-Portrait in Fromt of thte Easel -nn The Christening Party Manokotak Flore The Artist-s Studio zga Delfzijl Snow at Louveciennes Negotino Notasulga Countryclubtrail Frederick Mccubbin Paolo Veronese The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine Joseph-s Bloody Coat Brought to Jacob Between Rounds Blind Man-s Buff Homesteadafb Painting Depicing Fame Laurelhill Blind-s Man Bluff Carel Fabritus Frederic Leighton,Daedalus and Icarus -2 Farm at Watendlath Portrait of a Carthusian

Oil Painting ID::. 41555


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