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Amersfoort William Smith Jewett Chinese painting Amorous Old Woman and Young Man gjkh Dugger A Few Small Nips Opa-lockanorth Dadecitynorth Portait of Count Sinzendorf The Nativity -08- St Lucy Altarpiece -Pala di S. Lucia- et Paumgartner Altarpiece rock Jeune homme -38- Still life with Red Cabbages and Onions Mountdora Three Playing card The Forge Seascape with Fishermen and Bathers Tobacco Pipes and a Brazier dfg ESCALANTE, Juan Antonio Frias y Footballer Agony in the Garden dfg Skating on the Ditches of the Walls Book Rouen Cathedral Frederica The Calm Sea Summit Still life and watermelon Realistic Orchid Judith with the Head of Holofernes The Banquetion House -01- Romans Feasting The Sad Father -23- stretched bar asian commercial oil painting Jean joseph Taillasson Leadore Portrait of a Man -33-

Oil Painting ID::. 37968


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