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Lafontaine Flora Portrait of Tomas de Iriarte The Resolution of Louis XIV to Make War St. Apolonia Moses Saved from the Waters of the Nile JORDAENS, Jacob May morning-s park Dancing Girl with Tambourine Ld Dame en bleu Death of the Wild Bull Head of a Peasant Woman with White Cap - Vase with Myosotis and Peonies The Three Sisters -detail- dh Januarius Zick Youth with a Flower Basket Parkin Woman on a Terrace -10- Sir Nigel Sustains England-s Honor in th Actor Young Woman Ironing The Fall of Simon Magus The Virgin and Child Adored by Saints Je Two Strings to her Bow Harvest The Ore Wagon Gilles Jupiter and Io Vase wtih Hollyhocks -nn04- Still-life with Turkey-Pie cg The Virgin -detail- -20- cats -34- The Martyrdom of St. John the Evangelist Paulus Verschuur sf The tree in the Stair Monroeville

Oil Painting ID::. 37577


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