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St Agatha Iceberg Fantasy The Bone Player Moses Receives the Tablets of the Law,Il Zacharie Vincent Facob blessing the Sons of Foseph -33- Still Life with Lobster Land of Promise Canakkale Barry, James The Visitation df Rubens with his Wife, Helene Fourmont an Prisoners From the Front Figures behind Plants -17- Sir Brian Tuke af An Elderly Couple cdfg Portrait of a Man 111 Still life of fowl in a farmyard,with a BERCKHEYDE, Job Adriaensz Eaton-s Neck,Long Island Jean Baptiste Greuze Portrait of a Man 111 The Breakfast Table Lady Leaning her Elbows on a Table Herrin Lugano Beside the Sea, Laguna Beach Ganymede LANFRANCO, Giovanni Tthe Syndics of the Amsterdam Family Portrait The Artist-s wife and his dog Charon ffh Tournament Near the Moat of the Chateau Acrasia The Faerie Queen Gloucester Harbor -44- Allies Day in May 1917 Wilfred vincent herbert Painting with Cattle -34- Portrait of a young Man

Oil Painting ID::. 37571


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