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The Woman of Arles-Madame Ginoux- Saint John the Baptist Christ on the Cross with Donors -detail- Moonrise over Greece Venicegardens the charity of Nicholas of Bari -05- The Dance -35- Lakevillage The cardon chapel -05- Flower of the Tea Les Noces de Cana Mariana -28- Christ on the Cross Budapest Edinburgh Samson s Fight with the Lion Apollo and Daphne -45- Market Woman with Fruits, Vegetables and William Page Mt Tamalpais from the North -42- Landscape with Waterfall Ask Me No More -23- Archduke Leopold Wilhelm-s Gallery at Br Venus Jefferson City Woodville The Presentation in the Temple Spiritlake Henry V -25 Suanna and the Elders -08- Vision of Saint john on the Island of Pa The Wetterhorn with the Reichenbachtal Malatya South Bend Railway Line at Camden Town -46- Pierre Quthe : An Apothecary Aeneas- Flight from Troy Don Quixote -09-

Oil Painting ID::. 29281


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